David Jones-Mensah is the Managing Director, Dominion International Petroleum Limited (DIPL), a renowned bulk distribution oil company and subsidiary of the Sidalco Group of Companies. Under his leadership, he directs strong management teams to deliver quality services at Dominion group franchises within Ghana and around the West African sub-region. His revolutionary ideas have led to sustainable business growth and transformation at the company. His inestimable contributions saw DIPL become the first BDC in Ghana to start operations by importing a full cargo of 28,000 metric tonnes of gasoline to sell.

His reliable level of managerial success adorned with an inclination for displaying excellent client-based managerial expertise using savvy negotiation and cutting-edge marketing strategies, he has guided DIPL to establish relationships with a number of reputable international companies within the energy sector.

He is deeply committed to helping the company establish one of the biggest fully automated storage facility which is at its design stage. His views are many times not traditional but have always provided highly successful outcomes. As an embodiment of the core values of integrity, ingenuity and growth, he is always looking to add more management teams so they can all grow together with him. He has garnered wide experience in combining technical oversight and management skills with strong business sagacity to provide well planned and strategic initiatives that enhance cost-reduction, product enhancement results and even help improve returns on investment.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and a Master’s degree in International and Commercial Law with a specialization in Oil and Gas, where he emerged as the Morayo Atoki prize winner for all- round performance and making an important contribution to the University of Buckingham, England. He also holds a Master’s of Science degree in Management from Imperial College London.