Corporate Social Responsibilities

A Memory Tree Initiative Powered by Dominion International Petroleum Limited

DIPL in its stride to be the leading distributor of petroleum products in the West-African sub region has teamed up with Memory Tree Initiative to reduce the carbon footprint of the energy sector in the region.

Our mission is to help conserve and restore natural ecosystems focusing on trees for the benefit of humanity and biodiversity.

Our objective is to plant at least 10,000 trees every year for the next 5 years and to be lead campaigners and advocates of sustainable environmental practices in Ghana.
The energy sector is the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions. In a bid to help find sustainable solutions to the challenge, DIPL is part of the first group of bulk distribution oil companies to import petroleum products with 50 ppm sulphur content to control the unpredictable climatic patterns and GHG emissions in the region.

The road map towards achieving low sulphur fuels in West Africa is an important factor in improving air quality and environment as it will ensure the protection of public health through a reduction in the emission of black smoke, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons and other green-house gases from machineries and vehicle exhaust tailpipes.

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